Pro-Care Non Emergency Transportation


Who can Call to ask for a ride? A Client's relative or care giver can call to arrange transportation. Please have the following information handy:
*Name of Customer
*Date and time of appointment
*Pick up and Destination address
*Special Request
*Payment method
*Approximate lenght of appointment
*Emergency contact

Can I ride along with the patient? Yes you can with no Additional Charge.

Do we need to wait on the curb for pick up? No at your request our drivers can come into your home or room and assist you to our vehicle. Our drivers will aslo escort you or your loved one to the doctors office and make sure they are checked in and left with the medical staff.

I have limited mobility but not confined to a wheelchair, do I need to provide my own wheelchair? No we have a extra wheelchair and walker in our vans with no extra charge.

Can Facilities request for transportation? Yes, contact our office at 281-330.3562

Do you have wheelchair accessible vans? Yes, our vans are fully ADA compliant with 4 point wheelchair tie downs, lap belts and shoulder belts.

When should I call to schedule the transportation? We recommend 24 to 48 hours to ensure we make your appointment. Same day service may be provided if the schedule allows.

Can I schedule a ride for someone in a gurney? No, only ambulance can trasport these clients.
Can the driver stop by the pharmacy to pick up medications before dropping me off? Yes if the medication is ready to be picked up and it is the route home.

Can we trasport orthopedic clients? Yes our vans have enough room to have your legs up.

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